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The creator of this website hopes to be able to keep sending a “huuuge” neverending letter with signatures to the Malaysian Minister of Tourism and to the Indonesian Minister of Forestry. We also hope this will be a quick way to make the Malaysian Government AWARE OF OUR VALUE.

All of you can represent potential tourists eager to see us climbing up trees. They must realize that “we” Proboscis Monkeys and all the wildlife are a TREASURE which will get Malaysia more money than palm oil plantations, spread quite all over in Borneo, nowadays.

My fellow monkeys and I, together with all the wild inhabitants of the jungle, will pay for our survival tolerating you spying and taking pictures of us. We fear what may be the inevitable… Extinction. Our death would be a terrible SHAME for the world.

Maybe one day YOU, your children and future generations, would like to see us, still up the trees crawling and jumping, and NOT in an old book or in the Internet.

We really NEED you and your friends to sign!

Thank you so much! 🙂

Petition to the Malaysian Minister of Tourism and Indonesian Minister of Forestry

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Latest Signatures

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16 Enrico G. Italy
15 Vincenzo P. ??
14 Jaime D. ??
13 mhd a. Algeria
12 Wazomba W. Cote D'ivoire
11 Damon W. United States
10 Pablo C. Costa Rica
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